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Our Story

Banaras Arts is an online art selling platform that works towards supporting and hosting local artist paintings on its platform. I, Jyoti Shikha, founder of Banaras Arts, always had a passion for art and wanted to help local artists with great skill to reach out to art lovers across the globe. 


Sketching and painting are something I love to indulge in and  I found many skilled artists giving up on their artwork for various reasons and one of them is because of not having access to technology to reach out to a broader audience. Banaras Arts is a platform trying to help all those local artists who are not tech savvy but are great in their fine-art skills. 

One of my first artists is Neetu pal who is a housewife and has a degree in BFA(Bachelor’s of Fine Art). After becoming a mother she stopped pursuing her artwork to raise the kids and even lacked technological resources. With encouragement and support, she has resumed her artwork once again after 10 years. She is now hosting her oil and acrylic painting on Banaras Arts. We are glad to support local artists like her and would love to host more of them.

Capture the Beauty in canvas

Pink Marble


BFA, MFA, India.

In her own words:

When I was in my teens, I had an inclination toward sketching. I opted for drawing in High school and continued with the same till I was in intermediate. By then, I had gradually started to develop an interest in painting. With this interest, I dedicated all my higher education to fine art. Hosted arts in multiple galleries across the city, and painted wall-size canvas at the requested site. Later, I learned textile design. Since then I am a homemaker. Now with BanarasArts, which is dedicated to artwork, I can host my work and sell it online.  

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